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Did any of you watch The Bates Motel last night? I haven't seen Psycho in 20+ years, so I can't remember enough of the detail to trace anything specific (should watch that again soon), but I kind-of liked this show. Yes, the pilot was mostly setup, but I love Vera Farmiga, and think it'll be fun to watch Norman lose

The only one of my FB friends posting anything against marriage equality is herself in an interracial marriage. My brainmush cannot process the logical inconsistency.

In Gawker's obit for Chinua Achebe, some troll used the word "spook" as a racial slur. That comment was justifiably deleted by mods, and that person is a dick. But that usage is pretty new to me; I'm more familiar with its use as a slang term for spies or ghosts. One of my favorite British TV shows was called

So today in my ridiculous life: The zipper pull on the pants I'm wearing has disappeared. It's GONE. It was there this morning, and now it's not. It's a damn good thing I have a long sweater on today, because my fly is just WIDE OPEN. Awesome! :(